Words & Writing


“Homing Pigeons” – The New Quarterly, July 2017


“forgetting urdu” – Room, June 2017


The War on Education – Jaggery: A DesiLit Arts and Literature Journal, December, 2015


A conversation with novelist and activist, Monia Mazigh – Nineteen Questions, November 2017

forgetting urdu: An Interview with Zehra Naqvi – Interview by Rachel Thomspon for Room, July 2017

 “Critical Muslim Voices and The Elections”: A Conversation with Hasan Alam – The Talon, October 2015


Muslim Fashionista Takes Down Abercrombie And Sets Precedent – Schema Magazine, June 2015

Immigrant Mothers: More Educated & More Likely to Delay Parenthood – Schema Magazine, June 2015

13 Must-See Films Starring Women of Colour – Schema Magazine, May 2015

Spoken Word

“Migration” – Performed at Rio Theatre for the 2012 Hullabaloo Indies Finals