Words & Writing


“dear baba: a video poem” – April 2021


“Summer Day”, The Capilano Review, Weather Issue, Fall 2021

“brown brother”, Contemporary Verse 2, The Open Issue, Fall 2021

“little brother”, Contemporary Verse 2, The Open Issue, Fall 2021

“Layla Writes a Letter to Majnu in English”, Contemporary Verse 2, The Open Issue, Fall 2021

“Old Kabristan”, The Capilano Review, ti-TCR 19: on ritual, Nov 2021

“in the absence of the white gaze”: Minola Review, Issue 30, June 2021

“The Knot of My Tongue”: winner of the RBC Bronwen Wallace Award for Emerging Writers, Writers’ Trust of Canada, May 2021

“dear baba”Tin House, March 2019

“A Desi Girl Goes to London”Routed Magazine, October 2019

“forgetting urdu”Room, June 2017


“Homing Pigeons”The New Quarterly, July 2017


The desire for change: A new Pakistan does not mean a better Pakistan The Express Tribune, July 2018

Bengalis of Karachi demand urgent resolution to identity problem –  Dawn, June 2018

Written from the edgelands of my gentrifying neighbourhood, Queensborough Qalam, April 2018 

The War on Education – Jaggery: A DesiLit Arts and Literature Journal, December, 2015

Muslim Fashionista Takes Down Abercrombie And Sets Precedent – Schema Magazine, June 2015

Immigrant Mothers: More Educated & More Likely to Delay Parenthood – Schema Magazine, June 2015

13 Must-See Films Starring Women of Colour – Schema Magazine, May 2015


An interview on the politics of Muslim women covering their hair – Interview by Mridula Morgan for Room, March 2020

A conversation with novelist and activist, Monia Mazigh – Nineteen Questions, November 2017

forgetting urdu: An Interview with Zehra Naqvi – Interview by Rachel Thomspon for Room, July 2017

 “Critical Muslim Voices and The Elections”: A Conversation with Hasan Alam – The Talon, October 2015

Spoken Word

“Migration” – Performed at Rio Theatre for the 2012 Hullabaloo Indies Finals