On Creativity and Spirituality

I am most creative when I am spiritual. When I am able to connect the beauty around me with the beauty within me, I feel energized to create, to express beauty, and to interact with the mysteries and beautiful peculiarities around me. When I feel spiritual, I notice that I become happier, I become kinder and more patient, and I love more strongly.

I was more spiritual when I was younger, and perhaps that is also why I felt more creative and motivated when I was younger. I don’t necessarily feel I have become a better writer with age. I have to struggle to keep that purity and honesty when I set my pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard). I have to take a moment, a deep breath, and deliberately attempt to wipe away cynicism, doubts, cliched ways of thinking, all the rhetoric of every-day “adult” life that gets accumulated in my head and finds a way of seeping into my writing, the lack of passion, and notions of what is “realistic”, or “practical”. I have to try harder to simply be.

I used to write to find myself, the core of my being, to connect with the Creator, the Oneness, the Open. I would constantly be composing poetry in my head, thinking of beautiful ways of phrasing anything interesting I saw, my fingers itching to write EVERYTHING down, to describe it all, to paint it with my words and preserve it.

I don’t do that as often anymore. In fact, I rarely write just for my spirituality, for myself. I rarely write now just for the sake of writing, of BEING on the page. Mostly because I have no time.  And also because I’m too busy writing academic and analytic essays, which have a way of sucking the passion and creativity out of me.

I have an action plan to get in touch with my creative, spiritual, writerly self.


  • Write min. 1 page of free writing first thing every morning. In freehand, on paper.
  • Meditate. Take 5 minutes everyday and devote it to silence. No thoughts. No worries. Just silence.
  • Read for pleasure! At least one page. Every day. Just simply for pleasure, and no other reason.
  • Be grateful. Before I go to sleep, think of 3 things I am especially grateful for.

“You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you.”
― Ray Bradbury 


50,000 words

Things I need get out of the way as I plunge into the next 50,000 words.

  • – I probably shouldn’t tell people I’m writing a novel. Not until I’m finished.
  • – My first draft will probably be terrible. That’s how I write. It will be messy and poorly-edited and embarrassing. I can make it better later, Right now I need to just write. Get all the stuff out. No one else will be reading. I shouldn’t judge it. Must make my inner editor shut up. Once I have the clay, I can mould it and shape it the way I need it to.
  • – I’m always plagued with doubt and self-loathing when I write. I need to NaNoWriMo this. Except not so many words every day, or in one month. I’ll be kinder to my self. 🙂  I need to type away. Stop the doubt, and just have fun
  • – Must write minimum 250 words daily, but aim for 500.
  • – It’s okay if it sucks. I just need to finish writing it. That’s my only goal for now.