50,000 words

Things I need get out of the way as I plunge into the next 50,000 words.

  • – I probably shouldn’t tell people I’m writing a novel. Not until I’m finished.
  • – My first draft will probably be terrible. That’s how I write. It will be messy and poorly-edited and embarrassing. I can make it better later, Right now I need to just write. Get all the stuff out. No one else will be reading. I shouldn’t judge it. Must make my inner editor shut up. Once I have the clay, I can mould it and shape it the way I need it to.
  • – I’m always plagued with doubt and self-loathing when I write. I need to NaNoWriMo this. Except not so many words every day, or in one month. I’ll be kinder to my self. 🙂  I need to type away. Stop the doubt, and just have fun
  • – Must write minimum 250 words daily, but aim for 500.
  • – It’s okay if it sucks. I just need to finish writing it. That’s my only goal for now.

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